Autumn Lawn

They say that timing is everything and nothing could be more true when it comes to the care of your lawn, especially the application of pre-emergent. The type of grass you have will determine when you should apply pre-emergent. If your grass is cool season, you will apply pre-emergent in the spring, summer and fall. Grass that is warm season requires applications in fall, winter and late winter/early spring.

Applying a fall pre-emergent treatment is one of the best steps you can take toward a healthy lawn. Winter annual weeds and weedy grasses germinate and grow in fall and winter so it is best to apply a pre-emergent herbicide BEFORE that happens. Germination typically starts to begin when temperatures dip below 70 degrees. The best time to apply pre-emergent is when the daytime temperature remains in the mid-70s consistently for about three to five days.

Depending on the region you live in, pre-emergents for fall should be between September and October. Remember that a pre-emergent will not destroy the seeds. The purpose of the pre-emergent is to stop the seeds from germinating. If you start to see weeds growing, a pre-emergent will not work. But don’t get too frustrated. You can use a post-emergent if necessary.

There are two types of post-emergents: selective and non-selective. If it is selective that means you can target specific types of weeds to kill. Non-selective, however, will kill every plant it touches. So please be mindful when making your purchase.

Should you need any help with your lawn, Solomon’s Landscape is happy to help with everything from a consultation to a full-service maintenance plan for your yard.