Fall Season

More Trees, Please!

Planting a tree is always a winning proposition. Trees can provide shade, fruit and, even nuts. Trees help clean the air and they live for many years, sometimes centuries. Trees add value to your home and/or business. Could your landscape benefit from a few more trees? Before you answer that question, we want you to …

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Fall & Fertilizers

Did you know that fall is a great time to fertilize your plants for the winter? Most homeowners assume that fertilizer should only be applied in the spring and summer. This is a fallacy. Normally fertilizers have three (3) main numbers on the bag. Those numbers represent the percentage (%) of that specific nutrient. Also, …

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Autumn Leaves

Autumn is here and that means falling leaves. If you live in an area with lots of trees, then you may find your lawn, driveway and walkways covered with fall foliage. While the colors are beautiful, wet leaves can create a safety hazard and it is best to keep your walkways clear at all times. …

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