Extending The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is pine trees, blooming poinsettias, holly berries, and evergreen wreaths. Plants play an important role in our holiday celebrations but did you know that when the season has ended your tree and wreaths could continue to spread good cheer?

Take your wreaths and greenery and mulch them for your flowerbeds. If you have the room, leave the wreaths intact and place them where birds can use them for shelter. In fact, you can take your Christmas tree and instead of cutting off the branches and mulching, simply place it next to your outdoor bird feeders. Your feathered friends will us it to hang out and you can enjoy watching them.

While you are taking down the Christmas decor, put those cut holly trimmings out back for the birds and wildlife to eat and enjoy. Just remember to remove any tinsel, garland, or hooks that could poison or choke wildlife.

Speaking of protecting animals, those poinsettias are beautiful but if you have pets, please beware. These flowers can be toxic to dogs and cats. In fact, Christmas bouquets containing lilies, holly or mistletoe could hurt your pets. Just one or two bites from a lily can result in severe acute kidney failure in cats. When Christmas or English holly is ingested, it can result in severe gastrointestinal problems. So be sure to keep your bouquets in a safe place.

Lastly, if you do have a fireplace, we’d like to remind you that ashes make can be used to fertilize alkaline soil plants. So you see, your holidays may soon be coming to a close but the spirit of the season can last all winter long!

Solomon’s Landscape and Design wants to wish you and your loved ones a safe and wonderful holiday.