Flower Power

Flower gardens are an excellent way to paint your landscape. In fact, there are flowers for every season. Selecting the right plants for your flower garden can be overwhelming, especially if you walk into a nursery full of lovely blooms. There are several things you should consider before your purchase. First, is the space where you will be planting and the height of the flowers when they reach maturity. Will the plants be in shade or sun? So many times, people buy nice flowers but end up losing them due to location. You will also need to consider the soil you have and the root structure of the plants. Will they thrive or will you spend hours watering and trying to get them to grow?

Once you have decided on the spot where you will plant your flowers, you will want to think about color, fragrance and purpose. Consider the colors that will compliment your home’s exterior.  You will also want to put colors together that are pleasing to the eye.  Did you know that there are flowers that deter pesky mosquitoes and there are plants that entice butterflies and honeybees? There are also blooms that have distinctive smells which may or may not be offensive. Make sure you do your homework. Overall, remember that native plants will do better than other species. They are hardy, require less water and are less susceptible to pests and diseases. An added benefit is that they attract local birds, bees, and butterflies which helps the eco-system.

After you have an idea of what you want to purchase, it will be time to head to the nursery. You need to look for full healthy growth and make sure the flowers aren’t root-bound in their pots. Also, you do not want to buy any flowers with long, spindly growth. If they look “leggy”, it means they have been searching for light and are most likely unhealthy. Make sure you read the tags on the plants to make sure they are suitable for your space and avoid those that have “red flag” words like ‘vigorous growth” or ‘spreading” since these plants will most likely take over your flower bed.

Happy Planting!