More Trees, Please!

Planting a tree is always a winning proposition. Trees can provide shade, fruit and, even nuts. Trees help clean the air and they live for many years, sometimes centuries. Trees add value to your home and/or business. Could your landscape benefit from a few more trees? Before you answer that question, we want you to consider the following facts:

1) One tree can absorb nearly 10 pounds of polluted air each year and produce 260 pounds of oxygen.

2) Trees provide nesting sites, food and shelter for wildlife.

3) Trees provide shade from the sun & shelter from the cold which means lower energy bills.

4) Studies show that if you have trees in your yard, your home’s value increases by up to 15 percent.

5) A view of trees has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and even the crime rate.

Before you start planting any trees, you will need to know the quality of your soil and the ph content. Some trees thrive better in shade while some do better in full-sun. The location is important and you will need to take into consideration the size of the tree at maturity. The last thing you want is any damage from tree roots or limbs. Finally, climate is paramount when selecting which trees to plant so be sure you check the USDA Hardiness Zone Map ( to identify your particular zone.

If you’re still feeling uncertain about where you should plant trees in your landscape, a certified designer could help you with every step from selecting the specific trees to the installation and care of any new plantings. Solomon’s Landscape offers free consultations and we’d be happy to help you improve your yard while helping our environment.