Pruning and Planting

August is the ideal month for pruning and planting. With cooler weather coming in, plants will focus on establishing an excellent root system. Now is the best time to take a look at your lawn and determine where you need some additional color and/or accents. You can also remove any plants that may not be doing well and need replaced. There are many different flowering plants that can add beauty to your yard, even during a dreary winter. These include camellia, English primrose, and winter jasmine. Planting holly will also offer winter berries & seeds for birds and other wildlife. Just remember that cooler weather does not mean that plants no longer need watered. Please make sure that after planting new flowers and shrubs that you keep them hydrated.

As for existing trees and shrubs, now is the time for pruning dead branches. Diseased trees and weak limbs are a danger to people and property. When pruning trees, take a moment to assess if tree branches are becoming too close to safety lights or electrical lines. You should also make sure that plantings do not block traffic views.

Overall, you and your family will want to enjoy your yard this fall. Your time is valuable so you might want to consider meeting with a landscape designer to formulate a plan for planting, pruning, and ongoing maintenance. Solomon’s Landscape & Design is happy to offer a free consultation. Call Us Today!