Spring Fling

Spring has arrived and it certainly helps to see flowers blooming and bees buzzing with all of the Corona virus fears. With nicer weather, longer daylight hours, and social distancing, this is the perfect time to get your outdoor space in better condition. Afterall, your spring fling is likely going to be spent in your own backyard.

During the winter, leaves get compacted which can prevent new growth. Now that spring is here, rake the leaves and mulch away from your flower beds so your spring-flowering bulbs and perennials can emerge. Make sure you use a leaf rake so you don’t damage any of your young plants. While you do the raking, have your children get involved by picking up any loose sticks and trash from the lawn and beds.

Early spring is also an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs. Make sure you dig a hole about two times wider than the root ball of your plant. Also, set the plant into the soil about two inches higher than it was in the container. Follow up with watering it thoroughly and by adding mulch. You can also dig up and divide your hostas and daylilies during spring weather. Simply take a sharp spade to dig and lift the clumps then break them into smaller sections using a large garden knife, or shovel. When you start this project, give yourself enough time to replant the divisions since they will do better when planted quickly.

Since you and your family will likely be spending more time in your yard, add some color by planting some flowers. If you are still worried about frost, there are several plants that are hardy even in colder weather. Carnations, calla lilies, and cyclamen will add color to your garden beds and planters. Speaking of potted plants, don’t forget your indoor plants. They could use some attention too. If the plant is root bound, you may want to repot it and add some nutrients. While you are at it, pick up some seeds and teach the kids how to grow their own vegetable garden. There is nothing more exciting as tending to a plant and watching it grow.

Spring is a time of rebirth. Solomon’s Landscape encourages you to take this time to get back in tune with nature. Your landscape awaits and if you would like some assistance in getting it in tip-top shape, we are happy to help.