Spring into Action

Spring arrives this month and that means getting your landscape ready. With all of the rain we’ve been having, your lawn is probably already beginning to get green. If you have a warm-season turf, it may also be time to add some lime. If your soil is acidic, you may just need to do this every few years. A simple soil test is the best way to tell if you need lime. The general guideline is 15 to 20 pounds of lime per 100 square feet of lawn area. In addition, you will find that pellet lime is less messy and easier to apply than the powdered variety.

Spring is also the time to fertilize Bermuda and Zoysia grass lawns that were overseeded for winter. Please note that if you didn’t overseed warm-season turf, don’t fertilize it now. Get the jump on crabgrass by applying a pre-emergent herbicide. A good rule of thumb is to time your applications to coincide with the time that forsythia begins to bloom.

If you have ground covers, you should trim mondograss and liriope before new growth appears. You can do this by setting your lawn mower to its highest setting. If you have any English ivy, trim it back heavily since new growth will come quickly with the warmer weather.

Also, while we have had plenty of rain recently we know that in the South it can get hot and dry pretty quickly.  So this month, take some time to make sure your irrigation system is in good working order. You want to be sure that you can keep your lawn green and healthy in the months to come.