The Storm is Coming. Is Your Yard Ready?

The storm is coming and while we think about getting our flashlights, batteries and bottled water, we should also get our lawn in order. Now is the time to walk around your yard and do an assessment. Do you have limbs that are likely to break with high winds? Are your gutters clean? The storm will be bringing lots of rain and wind and you want to prevent as much damage as possible.

Don’t forget to check your entire landscape and make sure that there is no debris standing that can get washed into storm drains. With torrential rains expected, the last thing a neighborhood needs is for your leaves and limbs to clog up the storm drains creating more flooding issues. If you cannot remove trimmed limbs, then don’t do any trimming.

Make sure your downspouts are pointed away from your home and if you have an area where there are no gutters and water pours off, you may want to put down some pavers to help prevent erosion. Also, don’t forget to shut down your irrigation system. The last thing you want is additional water during a storm. And while you are shutting off devices, don’t forget any pool or fountain pumps and heaters.

If you have any patio furniture, decorative planters, swings, or anything else that could blow or float away during a storm, please bring them inside. In heavy flooding, loose items can cause additional property damage and more importantly create a real danger to cleanup crews. Don’t forget any wind chimes, decorative signs and such. These can actually become like “missiles” during a heavy storm. If you cannot tie it down, bring it in!

Take the time to do these few things to protect your property and then take care of yourself. Know your evacuation plan and have a first-aid kit and a phone ready in case of emergency. Most of all, remember that a storm can be dangerous. Once it begins, do not attempt any outside work or repairs. Your property and material possessions are not worth getting killed over.

Stay safe!